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It's hard to get people to care about marketing -- let alone act on it. It has to be engaging, non-threatening, entertaining and fill a need at the right time and place.

That's where I come in. I'm a content guy -- I started as an editor, shifted to sales and morphed into marketing and helping companies generate buzz, awareness and attention. I get people to like you and recognize you -- and consider doing business with you.

I've made a living by engaging people with good writing and good stories -- no matter where the professional perch. I'm an ideas guy. Once, one of my ideas got my company about 20 free minutes of exposure on the Howard Stern Show. I don't know where the next idea is coming from -- just that it's coming, and it could be yours. Every business has specific needs -- so every idea starts with a conversation. Let's have one.


Custom Content * Blogs * Newsletters * Corporate Communications * Marketing Materials * Sales Materials * Promotional Copy * White Papers * Email Marketing * Website Development * Speechwriting * Social Media * Marketing Strategy * Research/Surveys * Crazy Ideas That Work

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